Bike polo

Bike polo

About this activity

Suitable for secondary schools.

NB: We’re bringing together all the TfL education programmes, including STARS, under one exciting new umbrella programme called TfL Travel for Life. They will be the same great programmes, but with a new name and a new look, easier online process and dedicated support team. STARS for primary schools will be renamed TfL Explorers. STARS for secondary schools will be renamed TfL Pioneers.

Take part in a bike polo competition as a fun way for your pupils to meet with other schools in your borough, learn new skills and develop their cycling confidence. 

Anyone who can ride a bike one-handed can play the game. In bike polo balance, control and hand-eye co-ordination is more important than strength, speed and stamina, making it accessible to pupils of all physical-fitness levels.  

Contact your borough officer to find out whether bike polo is supported by your school’s borough.

What you’ll need

  • Two enthusiastic teams of five players (a total of 12-14 pupils including substitutes)
  • Other schools in your borough to play against
  • A hard surface about the size of a netball court. Games can take place in sports halls, on astro-turf or grass
  • Bikes, mallets and street hockey balls (or any lightweight, hard-shell ball)

How to evidence your activity

  • Record the feedback from participants
  • Add your story to the TfL Travel for Life website. Explain the activity, add photos and include pupils’ feedback. Also include any promotional materials or risk assessments you produce

Activity steps

Speak to your borough officer
Ask your borough officer whether your school’s borough is running a bike polo competition
Get planning
Discuss your ideas with your head teacher and senior management team and complete risk assessments
Promote the competition
Spread the word about the bike polo competition in your school's newsletter, on notice boards and in assemblies
Tell your story
Feedback to your borough officer and add your story to the TfL Travel for Life website


  • Cycling

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Develops balance and coordination
  • Raises the profile of cycling
  • Builds relationships with other schools


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