The STARS Student Leadership Accreditation

The STARS Student Leadership Accreditation

About this activity

Suitable for all Secondary School Pupils (KS3-KS4)

Would you like to give your students an opportunity to develop and practise their leadership skills, in preparation for life beyond school? 

The Student Leadership Accreditation is awarded by the SSAT (Schools Students and Teachers Network) and is specifically for Secondary school students leading the STARS Challenge.

SSAT has developed the Student Leadership Accreditation (SLA) to formally recognise your leadership skills, encompassing all activities you deliver, whether in the classroom, across the school, or in the wider community.

How it works

  1. As you progress through the STARS Challenge, your team gathers evidence in the project portfolio to showcase their skills.
  2. At the end of the project, your team completes 10 skills statements, to explain how they have collectively demonstrated each skill, backed up by the evidence.
  3. Finally, you check your statements and evidence against a self-assessment framework to ensure you have met the success criteria!

The ten core skills are grouped into three themes:

·         Developing Myself

·         Contributing to my Community

·         Working with Others

Unlike other awards, the STARS Student Leadership Award is moderated by students’ peers as well as by SSAT (School, Student and Teacher Network) ensuring the process both reinforces and rewards meaningful student leadership.

What you’ll need

·         Up to 12 Student Challenge Leaders

·         A Student Challenge coordinator

·         A member of school staff to oversee and coordinate the Student Challenge Leadership Award (this can be your school’s STARS Champion)

Uses for the STARS Challenge portfolio:

The STARS Challenge portfolio is an important resource which many students will find useful to retain once they have achieved their STARS Challenge Student Leadership Accreditation, particularly as part of their ongoing engagement with STARS, and when applying for university, apprenticeships or future jobs,

Activity steps

Participate in the STARS Challenge Programme.
Gather evidence within your project portfolio as you progress through the STARS Challenge.
Check your statements and evidence against a self-assessment framework to ensure you have met the success criteria! See the resource link.
Peer moderation
Each student will then be given another students portfolio for assessment.
External moderation
Your STARS Challenge coordinator will collect the portfolios, check that they meet the criteria and send away for external moderation.


  • Partnership

This activity counts towards:

  • Partnerships

How it helps

  • Pupils self-reflect on their own skills as leaders
  • Work collaboratively to plan and deliver
  • Aspire to take on leadership responsibilities
  • Recognition for students: Bronze Certificate SSAT