Active Travel Art Competition 2023

Active Travel Art Competition 2023

About this activity

Suitable for all schools. Supports the Art and Design National Curriculum. The unexpected benefits of London can be uncovered when we make the choice to step outside and walk, cycle or scoot to school. Students might find a new part of London, make a new friend or see some animals along the way. 

Could you run a school campaign and competition?  To participate, please ask pupils to travel actively to school one morning and then create a poster about the unexpected fun they came across along the way!  You can run the competition on a class-or school-wide basis. It can also be launched to coincide with 'Walk to School Week'.  The posters can then be displayed in and around the school to help encourage students and parents to make active travel choices throughout the summer. 

Why not celebrate the winner and their creations by announcing their names in assembly? 

Activity steps

Decide the level of involvement you would like
Involve your School travel working group, engage and involve the whole school community; pupils, staff and parents. Contact your borough officer if you require any support
Launch the competition and get creative!
Show examples of fun things they might discover on their journey to school and give them a deadline for handing in their entries
Celebrate the winners
Announce the winners in an assembly and display the entries around the school to help encourage active travel
Spread the word
Share your winning posters with the wider school community in your newsletters and on your website to spread the road safety message
Check for Success
Ask your pupils how they found the activity. What key messages did they take away and what did they enjoy?
Tell your story
Sign in to STARS to add your story and include pupils’ feedback. Explain the activity and add photos and any posters or promotional materials. Feedback to your borough officer.


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This activity counts towards:

  • Curriculum

How it helps

  • Supports the Art and Design National Curriculum
  • Introduces key active travel messages


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