Remote Learning and Resource Grid

Remote Learning and Resource Grid

About this activity

Teacher support materials for all STARS schools and nurseries.

A selection of EYFS - KS3 learning grids to support learning at home.  The materials should help you to plan for active student engagement in respect to the key aspects of the STARS programme.

The remote learning and resource grid provides STARS materials alongside external organisational links.  Both of which provide key resources, exciting ideas and general signposting to materials and stimulus.



Activity steps

Explore the learning grids provided
Detailed links and resources to support teacher planning.
Set some exciting lessons for your students
Use the materials as a springboard to learning and researching about key issues.
Encourage student participation and submissions
Use the links, clips and w/sheets to stimulate discussion and meaningful student work submissions.

How it helps

  • Supports all STARS travel activities
  • Informative materials for all EYFS - KS3 students
  • Promotes active student engagement