Anti-idling campaign

Anti-idling campaign

About this activity

Suitable for primary and secondary pupils. Supports the Geography National Curriculum.

Idling is referred to when cars are left running for over a minute after stopping or parking. This is common when parents/carers pick or drop off pupils to school & can result in increased air pollution surrounding the school gate.

The Anit-idling campaign is a great way to raise awareness & improve air quality around the school, this can encourage the wider school community to participate & learn ways to generally become more environmentally friendly.

By using posters, banners, raising awareness in letters, newletters & the school's website, this can encourage parents/carers to switch engines off. You can even consider a group of pupils that monitors idiling at times to observe & compare for improvements. Issuing stcikers to pupils for their parents/carers to us on their vehicles can also act as a gently reminder.

Pupils can use creative innovative ideas & use the GLA Cleaner Air 4 Schools toolkit to explore the topic in more detail. The toolkit contains lesson plans and campaign ideas.


Activity steps

Work with your TFL Explorers/TFL Pioneers Ambassador count the number of cars idling outside your school at the start & end of the day (see Resources for guidance). Share with your Borough Travel Planning Officer.
Developing a Plan
With your TFL Explorers/TFL Pioneers Ambassador decide how you will run your anti-idling campaign. Utilise resources to support your campaign. Liaise with your Borough Travel Planning Officer who may also have resources/ideas.
Get pupils, parents/carers & the wider school community thinking about cleaner air quality. Using resources, highlight & promote the cause.
Involve parents/carers, staff & delivery companies to pledge their support for the campaign by signing an anti-idling pledge and/or displaying a sticker in their vehicle's window. Promoting change & provoking thought.
Counting the number of cars outside the school gate before & after school, monitoring idling & comparing the counts. Creating a spreadsheet or chart to see changes.
Tell your story
Log into the TFL Travel for Life website & create your story including pupil feedback. Detail the activity, the campaign & result, adding photos, posters and/or promotional materials.
Working together
Ensure to keep your Borough Travel Borough Officer informed.


  • Smarter driving

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Supports the Geography National Curriculum
  • Reduces the impact on your local environment
  • Encourages parental participation


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