The A-Z of Traffic Tales

The A-Z of Traffic Tales

About this activity

Suitable for primary school pupils (Key Stage 1). Supports the Maths, Science, Geography, History, ICT and Art and Design National Curriculum.

The A-Z of Traffic Tales is a set of 26 short stories that bring together key road safety messages and introduce social and emotional development and safe behaviour themes.

The stories support national curriculum subjects covering maths, science, geography, history, ICT, art and design. 

Activity resources

The resources include an interactive whiteboard CD, individual reading books and larger whole-class reading books supported with a comprehensive teachers' guide.  

Activity steps

Ask the class
Ask your class what they know about road safety
Set your targets
Share your class' response with your borough officer and set your new road safety targets together
Spread the word about safer travel
Invite your class to share what they've learnt through a play or assembly with the whole school
Check your progress
Ask your class again about what they know about road safety to see what they have learnt
Tell your story
Sign in to STARS to add your story and include pupils’ feedback. Explain the activity and add photos and any posters or promotional materials. Feedback to your borough officer

How it helps

  • Supports multiple subjects in the curriculum
  • Introduces key road safety messages
  • Promotes positive behaviour


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