Other public transport activity

Other public transport activity

About this activity

Suitable for all schools and nurseries.     

We know that your schools and nurseries are creative places and your pupils, staff and communities are bursting with ideas of how to get young London moving!

This is your chance to share your school’s own public transport activities, different to anything else already listed on the TFL Travel for Life website.

Work with your JTFL Pioneer/Ambassadors, your school travel working group and colleagues to make a real difference to your school community's use of public transport.

Consider various ways to explore sucess, for example: Inviting a local bus or train driver to come into your school to speak with your pupils about their job or collating a group of pupils to organse a public-transport themed lunch-time quiz.

Ensure to keep your Borough Travel Planning Officer informed.

Tell your story now! 

How to evidence your activity

  • Involve your borough travel planning officer: Share your ideas, agree your objectives and discuss any challenges you face
  • Record the impact of your activity. Are more pupils using public transport as a result? Do they have an increased awareness of how to behave considerately around other passengers and transport staff, and how to stay safe?
  • Sign into your TFL Travel for Life account to add your story. Explain the activity, add photos, include pupils’ feedback and any promotional materials you produced

Activity steps

Identify the issue
Determine the travel issue or behaviour are you trying to resolve or change and discuss your ideas with your head teacher and borough travel planning officer.
Working together
Liaise with your school travel working group, TFL Pioneer/Ambassadors, colleagues and borough travel planning officer to develop and plan your public-transport based activity
Raise awareness
Promote your activity to have the biggest impact possible! Take photos, devise competitions and/or write an article to include in the school’s newsletter and/or website
Tell your story
Add your story to the TFL Travel for Life website and feedback to your borough officer


  • Public transport

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Promotes use of public transport
  • Promotes positive travel behaviours


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