Public transport for school trips

Public transport for school trips

About this activity

Suitable for all schools and nursery pupils.

NB: We’re bringing together all the TfL education programmes, including STARS, under one exciting new umbrella programme called TfL Travel for Life. They will be the same great programmes, but with a new name and a new look, easier online process and dedicated support team. STARS for primary schools will be renamed TfL Explorers. STARS for secondary schools will be renamed TfL Pioneers.

Use TfL public transport for your next school trip to familiarise your pupils with travelling on London’s underground, rail, tram and bus network.

Free Monday to Friday off-peak travel is available for all London school and nurseries registered with TfL’s School Party Travel scheme. You and your pupils must be visiting an educational, sporting or cultural venue in London. TfL allows up to two adults for every 10 pupils (for SEND pupils, two adults for each pupil is allowed).

Find out about the rules and separate arrangements for nurseries and special needs schools on the School Party Travel Scheme page.

Download the Tools for Schools pack for activities you can do with your pupils during and after your trip.


Activity steps

Plan ahead
Visit TfL School Party Travel Scheme page (see Resources) to register your school
Apply for tickets
You can apply for tickets as early as three months ahead, but no later than 14 days before your trip. The School Party Travel Scheme will email your tickets to you, ahead of your trip, to print out
Check for success
Did your pupils enjoy travelling by public transport? Are they more likely to do so now? What was their favourite part of the journey? Record their feedback
Tell your story
Sign in to TfL Travel for Life to add your story and include pupils’ feedback. Explain the activity and add photos and any posters or promotional materials. Feedback to your borough officer


  • Public transport

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Allows pupils to explore their local environment
  • Promotes positive travel behaviours


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