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Cycle to Work Day

Cycle to Work Day

About this activity

Suitable for staff at all schools and nurseries.
Cycle to Work Day is a national event that takes place every September. It aims to encourage everyone to get on their bikes and cycle to work for at least one day and hopes to see one million people regularly cycling to work by 2021 – so get your staff involved!

Ask your colleagues to visit the Cycle to Work Day website and make their pledge prior to the event. Alternatively, you can challenge your friends or employer to take part via the website which will send an email giving them all the details they need to get involved. 

Share information about London’s cycle Highways and Quietways to help staff plan their route for the day.

How to evidence your activity

Add your story to the STARS website. Explain the activity, add photos and include your colleagues’ feedback. Also include any promotional materials and correspondence with the Cycle to Work Day organisers.

Activity steps

Get started
Visit the Cycle to Work Day website (see Resources) to find out when it’s next taking place and information on how to get involved
Plan the day
Work with your school travel working group to organise the event. Are there any barriers to staff taking part? Think about how you could help to overcome them
Put posters in the staff room and send around emails to encourage as many colleagues as possible to pledge to take part on the day
Tell your story
Ask your colleagues how they found the day. Will they now consider cycling more regularly? What would prevent them from doing so?


  • Cycling

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Promotes exercise as part of the daily routine
  • Promotes active travel at leadership level


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