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Join over half of London's schools and commit to more active, safe and sustainable travel.

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The Top Schools event will be held on 22nd May 2023.  Find out more about this exciting event here.

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A healthier and safer London...

Each year STARS schools replace 13 million miles' worth of car journeys with walking, cycling and scooting!

Become a STARS accredited school to:

  • 1
    Reduce congestion
  • 2
    Improve road safety
  • 3
    Improve health and wellbeing

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What others said

“ We've changed people's views on cycling to school by running various cycling activities and awards, and installing new facilities. I'm proud to say all our hard work gained us a STARS' School of the Region Award. ”

Lee Hanford - Travel Plan Co-ordinator, The Coopers' Company and Coborn School, Havering

“At first it was hard to see how STARS could work at our SEND school. But with creativity and hard work we've adapted activities to our pupils' needs. I'm so proud of what we've all achieved. ”

Faryaneh Akhavan - Founder, Bursar and parent, Snowflake School for Children with Autism

“The main thing is to make active travel fun and anything that the STARS scheme can help us with to promote that is absolutely great. We were trying to do all the right things before, but it's just given us that little incentive to make it even better.”

Judith Hibbs - Travel Plan Coordinator - Winterbourne Junior Girls' School

“Our aim is to reduce the number of cars stopping outside the school to improve road safety. Changing parents' behaviour is challenging, but through running various initiatives, we're getting there!”

Stephen Smith - Assistant head teacher & travel coordinator, Bevington primary school