STARS Top Schools Awards

Each autumn the highest performing STARS schools come together to celebrate the Top Schools Awards at London's City Hall. Details for 2022 will be coming soon. In the meantime, we will continue to share and celebrate current events on this awards page.

To receive a Top Schools Award you need to achieve something extra special. Speak to your borough officer if you would like to be put forward for an award.

The range of award categories is designed to highlight STARS schools' many successes. Please note that this year's Top Schools Awards event is being reviewed. Updates about the Top Schools Awards for 2021/2022 will be sent to you via your Borough Officer and posted here.

School of the Region

Top School of the Region - This award is presented to gold STARS schools where safe, sustainable travel has grown to be an integral part of their culture. All Top Schools will be announced in July 2022.

STARS Champion Recognition

STARS School Champions 2022-2023

TfL STARS Champion nominations can be made for individuals who have demonstrated excellence in terms of their STARS behaviour, leadership, and contribution to the programme.

The STARS nomination process is aimed to recognise and reward STARS Champions (both Teachers and Students) for their fantastic contributions to STARS and other partnership activities.    Click HERE for the nomination form

September 2022

School of Excellence

This award recognises nurseries' and schools' efforts and innovation in a particular area of active travel. 2022 updates coming soon...

All Categories:



Pupil led projects

Road Safety 



Public Transport 

Long Serving School Travel Plan Champions   

STARS Road Safety Poster Competition

Congratulations to our STARS Challenge participants who entered the STARS Road Safety poster competition. The brief was to design a poster to raise awareness of road danger and to encourage young people to be safer when walking or cycling.

The Mayor's aim is for all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions to be eliminated by 2041. TfL is working with local authorities to make junctions safer and to reduce road danger for people walking and cycling. Lower speed limits have been introduced on many roads but it's also down to us as individuals to be aware of our surroundings.  Here are some of the most impactful entries for the Road Safety Poster competition:

Winning Entry:

Emanuel school - Wandsworth

The winning entry from Emanuel School in Wandsworth makes a strong point about awareness – all the things you could miss when you are distracted. It is also a fun and colourful image!  Image coming soon!


Preston Manor School - Brent

Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls- Ealing