STARS Top Schools Awards

On 22 May 2023, we're celebrating the STARS schools, students and teachers of 2021-22 at our live Top Schools event. Nominations are now open so you can put forward your school's most successful activities. Please scroll down for more information.

Whether your school has been part of the programme for years or are new to STARS we want to hear about the amazing things you have achieved. To receive a STARS Top Schools Award you'll need to have done something a bit special.

Maybe your project was really creative or innovative, or maybe you've got powerful evidence that you  changed the way people travel. Maybe you just started on STARS and brought a new energy to it, or did  something that inspired others make changes .

If you're proud of what you and your students have done, or if you're an impressed parent or carer, put in a nomination for your school.  

Top Schools 2023

These awards recognise and schools' engagement, efforts and innovation with STARS.

All Categories:


 A top School Champion can be many things but at its core is a person who has really helped changed their school landscape when it comes to sustainable travel.  


STARS is all about instigating change, and we want to celebrate those schools that have taken their first leap into the programme. 


The Biggest Impact award celebrates those schools where the data really demonstrates their efforts in STARS have paid off big time.


In today's world being creative and innovative is essential in creating a more sustainable, healthy way of living and we want to celebrate the schools embracing this. 


This award celebrates those schools that have used persuasion, leading by example and stellar communication to instigate change


The benefits of active travel are huge, and this award looks to celebrate those schools that are having a significant impact on their local area and day to day lives by embracing it.


We want to celebrate those schools that are using STARS to utilise sustainable transport options and improve their pupils' experience of it. 

Top Schools Nomination can be found here

Top Schools Nomination Process 2023

All schools are divided into four regions, North, South, East and West:

Finalists have now been announced!

Winners have been chosen from four regions: North, South, East and West. Regional winners will be invited to attend a celebratory event where an overall winner in each category will be announced. 


  • Finalist have been chosen from four regions: North, South, East and West
  • There will be one overall winner from each region
  • Regional finalists have been nvited to attend a celebratory event on Monday 22nd May 2023 where an overall winner in each category will be announced

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Key Information for Monday 22nd May 2023:

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STARS School Champions 2022-2023

TfL STARS Champion nominations can be made for individuals who have demonstrated excellence in terms of their STARS behaviour, leadership, and contribution to the programme.

The STARS nomination process is aimed to recognise and reward STARS Champions (both Teachers and Students) for their fantastic contributions to STARS and other partnership activities.    Click HERE for the nomination form

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