Bike Week

Bike Week

About this activity

Suitable for the whole school community.

Bike Week is an annual opportunity to promote cycling at your school. Add your event to the official website so that the local community can find out about what you’re doing and get involved, too. The kind of activity you run during this week is up to you, so long as it encourages safe, sustainable cycling. 

Most Bike Week events take place within the official event week in June. However, you can register events on the site all year round.

Here are some ideas for events your school could register for Bike Week:

  • Sponsored cycle-to-school week: Work with your Junior or Youth Travel Ambassadors (JTA/YTA) to set up a sponsored event
  • Bikers' breakfast: Reward cyclist with a healthy breakfast
  • Dr Bike: Work with your local bike shop or bike recycling centre to provide a  bike health check session at your school  
  • Cycling trip: Organise a biking excursion with your cycle club, class or at the weekend with your pupils and their families

Work with your JTA/YTA and school travel working group to decide on and plan activities for during the week.

Find out more on the Bike Week website.

How to evidence your activity

  • Involve your borough officer: Share your ideas, agree your targets and discuss any challenges you face
  • Record the feedback from your staff and pupils. Note how many events you have held and how many people have taken part
  • Add your story to the STARS website. Explain your activity, add photos of Bike Week and include any promotional materials you have used

Activity steps

Work with your JTA/YTA and school travel working group to decide which cycle activities you'd like to run during Bike Week. Think about what you could do to involve the wider school community
Add your event(s) to the Bike Week website (see Resources) and gather all the resources you need to get started
Check out the promotional materials available on the Bike Week website and promote your activities in assemblies, newsletters, on the website and on posters around the school
During the week
Keep track of how many people take part in the events. You can use a bike count sheet (see Resources) to find out if more pupils and staff cycle that week
Check for success
Ask pupils and colleague how they found the week. Did it encourage them to try cycling to school? What could you do to improve the activities next time?
Tell your story
Add your story to STARS and feedback to your borough officer


  • Cycling

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Gateway to other cycling initiatives
  • Encourages daily active travel
  • Promotes positive travel behaviours


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