School Travel Assembly

School Travel Assembly

About this activity

Suitable for all schools

An assembly is great way to raise pupil and teacher awareness of travel issues and to inspire your school community to get involved. Whether promoting Road Safety, Active Travel or Considerate behaviours on public transport, an assembly is a great way to motivate pupils and to let them know how they can take action and make an impact.

An assembly presentation is an effective way to generate meaningful discussion about travel issues. Adding a film clip or interactive elements such as quizzes, role plays and votes are all good ways to get people thinking. Make sure your end the assembly with a positive ‘call to action’ – something practical pupils, parents and teachers can do to get involved and make an impact on your travel issue.  See the resource link for some examples.

This is a good activity in which to involve your Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA) or STARS Challenge Leaders. They could be involved in creating the PowerPoint or Role Play for the assembly.

How to evidence your activity

Sign in to STARS to add your story. Explain the purpose of the assembly, who presented it the format that was used. Include how pupils got involved during or after the event. Note down any anecdotal comments you hear from pupils/teachers/parents/carers about the assembly.


Activity steps

Set a date
Book your assembly in the school calendar in good time for whichever event or activity you are promoting.
Get creative
Research content about your particular travel issue or event to include in the assembly. Take a look at our examples or create your own to get the whole school inspired to make a change. Include an interactive activity such as a quiz. Newspaper articles o
Pupil Power!
Involve pupils in the content creation and/or in the presenting of the assembly. You could task them with creating a short role play for the assembly and involve them as the quiz master! It’s great presentation experience for pupils and can help to build
Rehearse it!
Make sure you and/or the pupils are well rehearsed so everyone feels confident to and inspired to deliver the message.
Deliver it!
Deliver your assembly and encourage your audience to engage in your messaging.


  • Promotion

This activity counts towards:

  • Promotion

How it helps

  • Encourages active student voice and participation
  • Supports active travel projects
  • Supports the PSHE National Curriculum


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