The golden lock

The golden lock

About this activity

Suitable for primary and secondary school pupils.

The golden lock is a fun way to encourage pupils to ride their bikes to school as often as possible by offering them the chance to win a prize.  

Surprise one of your pupils by fixing the golden lock onto their bicycle in the bike shed. At the end of the day as your pupils leave school, whoever’s bike has the golden lock gets to claim their prize. 

Announce winners in assemblies and include their photograph in your school newsletters to further promote cycling.

What you’ll need

  • A lock which can be sprayed or decorated to make it stand out
  • Prizes - speak to your head teacher to find out your budget for the activity

If you need a space to store your pupils' bikes, consider installing cycle parking


Activity steps

Get ready
Work with your JTA/YTA and school travel working group to decide how you will run the competition and decorate the golden lock!
Let pupils know about the golden lock and what they need to do to win the prize in assemblies, your school newsletter and on the website
Share the winners' stories
Build the excitement, share the winners' stories in assemblies and the newsletter. Keep everyone guessing - who's going to be next?!
Check your success
What impact has the golden lock had on the number of pupils cycling to school? Ask pupils for their feedback
Tell your story
Sign in to STARS to add your story and include pupils’ feedback. Explain the activity and add photos and any posters or promotional materials. Feedback to your borough officer


  • Cycling

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Promotes exercise as part of the daily routine
  • Builds cycling confidence


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