TfL Explorers Ambassadors

TfL Explorers Ambassadors

About this activity

Suitable for year 5 and 6 pupils. Supports the PSHE and Citizenship National Curriculum.

NB: We’re bringing together all the TfL education programmes, including STARS, under one exciting new umbrella programme called TfL Travel for Life. They will be the same great programmes, but with a new name and a new look, easier online process and dedicated support team. STARS for primary schools will be renamed TfL Explorers. STARS for secondary schools will be renamed TfL Pioneers.

The TfL Explorers Ambassadors scheme encourages safer, active and independent travel within the school community, with a focus on year 6 pupils as they prepare for the transition to secondary school.

The scheme involves recruiting a team of TfL Explorers Ambassadors; year 5 and 6 pupils who work to promote active travel and road safety to their peers through a range of activities.

TfL provides all the resources and guidance needed to set up and run your school’s own TfL Explorers Ambassadors team.

Running the scheme

With most of the work done by TfL Explorers Ambassadors, your school must fully support the scheme and allocate a school TfL Explorers Ambassadors lead. This can be either a teacher or learning assistant who oversees the TfL Explorers Ambassadors team and supports them with their projects.

You will also need to create a dedicated TfL Explorers Ambassadors noticeboard to share the latest active travel news and promote current activities.

For further information on the TfL Explorers Ambassadors scheme contact your local council school travel advisor or road safety officer.

This activity supports the Vision Zero target to eliminate death and serious injuries on London’s streets.


Activity steps

Appoint a TfL Explorers Ambassadors guide
Recruit an enthusiastic member of staff as your school’s TfL Explorers Ambassadors guide and speak with your borough officer to help get you started
Recruit a TfL Explorers Ambassadors team
Find a team of motivated year 6 pupils who want to be involved through an election or interview process
Download and Order resources
Let your borough officer know how many TfL Explorers Ambassadors you have and they will order a hi-vis jacket for them. You can download the TfL Explorers Ambassadors workbook and Think! resources from the links at the right hand side of this page.
Set targets and plan activities
Use your hands up surveys and speak to pupils, staff and parents to identify issues and set targets. Work with the TfL Explorers Ambassadors team to plan activities into the school calendar
Promote and share success
Ask your TfL Explorers Ambassadors team to promote the planned activities and encourage them to shout about their success stories to the wider school community in assemblies, on your website and in newsletters
Tell your story
Sign in to TfL Travel for Life to add your story and include pupils’ feedback. Explain the activity and add photos and any posters or promotional materials. Feedback to your borough officer


  • Walking
  • Scooting
  • Cycling
  • Public transport
  • Smarter driving
  • Independent travel
  • Road safety

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Supports the PSHE National Curriculum
  • Supports transition to secondary school