Understanding Considerate Behaviours

Understanding Considerate Behaviours

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Suitable for secondary school pupils (Key Stages 3)

A considerate behaviour is acting in a way that is mindful of others, and not inconveniencing or harming them.  We exhibit these behaviours on a day-to-day basis, for instance, holding the door open for the person behind you and not letting it shut in their face, but they become even more important when travelling in an enclosed space with strangers.

Often we forget to act considerately, or simply don’t realise that something we’re doing is impacting someone else, for instance, wearing a backpack on a crowded train means there’s less space for everyone else and can mean someone keeps getting knocked into possibly leading to an argument. By becoming more aware of how we behave on public transport and the small things we can do to act considerately, like taking off a backpack, we create a more pleasant and safer journey for everyone, and the public transport becomes more reliable.

Acting considerately is also part of the Young Person’s Behaviour Code which any ZIP Oyster user must follow, or risk losing their card.

Activity steps

Identify and prioritise the problem:
Work with your school council or equivalent to identify the key inconsiderate behaviours encountered when your students are travelling to school.
Explore the impact of considerate behaviours
Explore the resource links documents to understand how to become more aware of these behaviours and act accordingly
Spread the message
Share your messages with pupils and the wider school community through assemblies, posters and newsletters on your website.
Check for success
How did your pupils respond to the promotion? Have you received any feedback from students or for example local bus drivers? Has behaviour on public transport improved?
Tell your story
Add your story to the STARs website and feedback to your borough officer


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How it helps

  • Promotes considerate travel behaviours
  • Highlights the impact of considerate behaviours
  • Supports the PSHE Curriculum