ACTIVE 10 - Brisk Walk Challenge

ACTIVE 10 - Brisk Walk Challenge

About this activity

Suitable for all schools. The TfL and Public Health England Brisk Walk Challenge

Here at TfL, we’ve partnered with Public Health England’s Active 10 campaign to challenge all Londoners to walk briskly for 10 minutes twice a day and track progress with the Active 10 app.

In London, at least 42% of adults are failing to meet the minimum levels of physical activity needed each week to stay healthy. The good news is that just two brisk 10-minute walks a day can change that and improve your health and wellbeing: you'll sleep better, feel more relaxed, and significantly reduce the risk of developing serious illnesses.

The walk to and from school is a great opportunity to get adults and kids to fit walking into their day. Parents can leave the car at home and either walk all the way or take public transport and walk part of the way to school. Parent and older students can download the app and see how many minutes of brisk walking they do a day.

Or alternatively you can download the app and get involved as a class by walking briskly for 10 minutes during break times or as part of physical education.

We have a variety of resources to help teachers promote Active 10 to students and parents. And some resources to help plan activities to engage students throughout the challenge. 

You can:

  • Download posters and leaflets to hand out to kids and parents to help support the campaign

  • Download the wallchart and make walking a competition either between classes, as part of physical education or as an incentive to walk to and from school  

  • Get in touch with Public Health England at [email protected] to order the full pack including wall chart, posters and stickers 

This is an ongoing activity. All engagement above can be managed at any point over the next 12 months.

How to evidence your activity

  • Involve your borough officer: Share your ideas, agree your targets and discuss any challenges you face

  • Record the feedback from students, parents and teachers  

  • Add your story to the STARS website. Explain the activity, add photos and include feedback. Also include any competition entries, letters of support, risk assessments, meeting notes etc

Activity steps

Decide the level of involvement you would like
Involve your School travel working group, engage and involve the whole school community; pupils, staff and parents. Contact your borough officer if you require any support.
Download resources
Download distribute poster and leaflets to parents and students. Engage parents and pupils with the help of a wall chart, take part in the walking poster competition deadline end July.
Get Creative
Pupils can design a poster and enter the competition.


  • Walking

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Encourages active travel
  • Eases congestion at schools gates
  • Engages the wider school community


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