Podcast Creator

Podcast Creator

About this activity

Suitable for Primary and Secondary schools. Supports the English, Geography, Science and PE National Curriculum

The Podcast Creator activity helps pupils and teachers to gain a deeper understanding of your school community’s opinions on transport, fitness and the environment.  A Podcast is a great way to communicate information about your project to a wide audience: students, teachers, community members and particularly parents! You can even involve them in the production by interviewing them as podcast guests. An added benefit is that your audience can listen in while doing another task, like doing the housework or travelling, so it’s a good way to grab people’s attention!

It is important to decide on some key aspects before you begin to create the podcast:

Purpose - what do you want your audience to do after listening to the podcast?  Reconsider their travel habits, reduce their carbon emissions, spread the word about climate action..?

Target Audience - who do you want to influence/educate? Students, parents, local govenrment....?

Structure - See our planner on the resource link

Promotion - how you will let the school community know about your podcast?  Where will they access the recording?  The school website coudl be an ideal location!

Remember to leave your audience with a 'call to action'.  This could be a question for them to consider, responding to a pupil led survey, making a pledge or even a new way to travel!

Activity steps

Topics and Targets
Identify the key topics your podcast will cover, your target audience and the purpose: What action do you want people to take after listening to your podcast? Reconsider their travel habits and reduce carbon emissions.
Get Inspired
There are different formats for creating a podcast. We recommend an educational, magazine style show with discussions and interviews. Check out ‘The Climate Question’, ‘Let It Grow’ or ‘Just One Thing’ on BBC Sounds.
Research and development
Collect information on your key topics from your Science, Geography and PE lessons and research online. Find some interesting ‘Did you know’ facts that will grab your listeners attention and information on why your topic is relevant to their lives.
Script and Interview
Use our guide to write your script, including a list of interesting questions to ask students, teachers, parents or other community members. Ask their permission to be recorded and set a date for the recording.
Recording and editing
Decide your team roles (presenters, script writers, researchers, editors, producers) and find out what recording and editing equipment you have access to in your school.
Post and Promote
Make sure your school community know how to access your podcast – the school’s website, YouTube channel or school social media account. Promote it in your Newsletter, and let your borough officer know they can tune in to find out more about your project.


  • Consultation
  • Promotion

This activity counts towards:

  • Consultation
  • Promotion

How it helps

  • Developing pupil communication skills
  • Encourages active engagement in travel issues
  • Curriculum links with Science, Geography and PE


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