Removal of car parking to encourage active travel

Removal of car parking to encourage active travel

About this activity

Suitable for all schools and nurseries.

If you would like to offer scooter and bike parking facilities on your school grounds but have no room you could consider replacing one or more car parking spaces. The space you free up can then be used to install temporary or permanent scooter or bicycle parking to encourage more pupils and staff to travel actively rather than coming by car. As a result this can reduce congestion and pollution around the school gates

Your school may have funding available for the new parking facilities, or you can find out if you're eligible to apply for TfL’s cycle and scooter parking scheme.

To monitor the success of your new parking, you can use a bike count sheet.

How to evidence your activity

  • Involve your borough officer: Share your ideas, agree your targets and discuss any challenges you face
  • Record the feedback from your staff and pupils. Note how they are using the car park and any new facilities and how this has helped you meet your targets
  • Add your story to the STARS website. Explain your activity, add photos and include planning documents, promotional material and any communications with your council. Also include any risk assessment documents

Activity steps

Look for space
Monitor your car park and check how many spaces are regularly in use or available
Discuss your options
Share your findings with your head teacher and colleagues and discuss how you could use any excess car parking space more effectively
Check your eligibility
Speak with your borough officer and head teacher to find out whether you are eligible for the TFL cycle and scooter parking scheme
Select the spot
With the help of your colleagues and borough officer identify the best position for the new parking to ensure safety and efficient use
Liaise with your borough council
With the help of your borough officer check with your local council you have the correct planning permission
Spread the word
Promote the new facilities on posters and in your school's newsletter to encourage pupils and staff to get cycling and scooting
Check for success
Monitor your car park to see how the removal of car parking spaces has influenced travel choices for staff and pupils
Tell your story
Record your story on the STARS website and feedback to your borough officer


  • Smarter driving

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Promotes active travel at leadership level
  • Promotes positive travel behaviours


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