Bike security marking event

Bike security marking event

About this activity

Suitable for all schools.

Hold a bike security marking event to help pupils and staff keep their bikes safe. Marked and registered bikes can be returned to their owners more easily if stolen and found by the police.

These events are run by the police and allow the whole school community to bring their bikes to be security marked and registered.

You could combine a bike marking event with a bikers' breakfast to encourage pupils and staff to bring in their bikes.

Contact your borough officer or nearest Safer Transport Team for more information or to organise a session.

How to evidence your activity

  • Involve your borough officer: Share your ideas, agree your targets and discuss any challenges you face
  • Record the feedback from your staff and pupils. Note how many bikes were marked on the day
  • Add your story to the STARS website. Explain your activity and add photos of the event. Include examples of any communications with your borough officer or the police and the number of bikes registered

Activity steps

Book in your session
Work with your local Met Police Safer Transport Team and borough officer to set a date for a bike security marking session at your school
Spread the word
Promote your event in assemblies, newsletters or on posters on notice boards around the school. Remind pupils and staff in advance to bring in their bikes
On the day
Set up in a visible location and keep track of how many bikes are registered. Remember to take photographs of the event!
Check for success
Record how many bikes were registered to see if you have reached your targets
Share your story
Add your story to STARS and feedback to your borough officer


  • Cycling

This activity counts towards:

  • Travel activity

How it helps

  • Promotes positive travel behaviours
  • Encourages community involvement


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