Publicity within the local community

Publicity within the local community

About this activity

Suitable for all schools and nurseries.

As soon as you begin to see the positive impact of your STARS activities, you can start spreading the word about the benefits of active travel amongst pupils’ families, the school’s neighbours and even with your local press!  

A successful STARS programme benefits both your school and the wider community, so let them know about all the hard work you’re putting in and how it’s helping your pupils and the local area. In turn, you will help to enhance your school’s reputation within the community. 

Here are some ideas for promoting your STARS work:


Let your local newspapers know about how your pupils are making a positive contribution to their community. They are likely to be particularly interested if you’re organising a big event such as a sponsored walk or cycle, or something a little bit different. If your school has a STARS event coming up, invite your local press along! (Have a look of this press clipping about one of Coopers' Company and Coburn School Youth Travel Ambassadors' award winning activities).


Include active travel updates and news of your success on your school’s website – you could even ask your pupils to write a regular blog post. Visitors and families of pupils new and old will be able to find out about all the great activities you’ve been doing along with the school’s travel policies and practices.

Social media

Whichever your preferred social media platform, use it to your advantage to post news about upcoming and successful events. Post bright, fun photos and short snappy stories to engage with your school community about active travel online and ask your followers to share what you’ve been up to to spread the word even further.

News bulletin

Send out a travel newsletter or STARS update to the school’s local community to let them know about the different activities you’ve run and their impact.

How to evidence your activity

  • Record any feedback from your local community
  • Add your story to the STARS website. Explain your activity and include copies of newsletters, press articles, links or screen shots of social media posts and links to relevant pages on your website

Activity steps

Plan to promote
Work with your school travel group and borough officer to decide how you would like to promote your STARS work with your local community
Use your contacts
Ask colleagues and your borough officer who they know - do you have a contact at your local paper or radio station who you could invite to cover successful STARS activities and events?
Celebrate success
Use your website and social media channels to shout about your STARS work and the progress the school's making. Share fun pictures and links to blog posts and articles
Tell your story
Add your story to the STARS website and feedback to your borough officer


  • Promotion

This activity counts towards:

  • Promotion

How it helps

  • Encourages community involvement
  • Supports all STARS travel activities


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